Why Is Tobacco Still Legal?

Ok so we have all heard the debates right? It has been going on for years and in every different country around the world. There is this debate on Tobacco and how ridiculous is it that it is still available on the market of every modern country around the world. Despite all the studies done and published in Scientific journals about the cancer causing properties of tobacco, it is still very much legal everywhere. Tobacco causes cancer because it contains carcinogens

The most the governments have managed to do is make companies put warning labels on their products and maybe prevent them from advertising on kid’s TV shows and the like but an outright ban is what is needed and not forthcoming. The biggest reason that most governments will give you is that it would infringe on the individual’s right to choose. Well, I would agree with that if they were consistent about it. If that is truly the case then why is prostitution banned? Why are other drugs illegal? If it is all about individual choice and freedom of the consumer then shouldn’t everything be legal?

But see this is not the case. They might argue that legalizing other “vices” will cause health problems but tobacco kills more people every year than almost any other substance. The argument then will be that legalizing everything will make people consume them more. That is, if you legalize, say, certain popular vices, then more people will indulge in them. But people are already indulging and no one is dying so why are they illegal while tobacco is encouraged?

The answer to this is simple! Corporate lobbies. There is a lot of money in tobacco; therefore it cannot be made illegal! What would happen to all the tobacco Pipe tobacco for sale farmers in places such as Malawi if tobacco were made illegal? I sympathize with their plight, but their cash crop kills people. It is truly sad that a substance that is so dangerous is also encouraged by world governments and trade lobbies.

Many people know at least one person whose health has been affected by tobacco and most tobacco users would quit if they could but it is also one of the most addictive substances known to man. So it is the perfect business. Inconsistencies in public policy are expected but they should not be expected when it comes to public health. There should be more outrage when it comes to tobacco use as it is the number one health problem facing the world today.


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