When To Select The Extra Soft Down Pillow?

A pillow can either provide your neck with comfort and support, or it can be a day of misery and discomfort upon waking. To prevent the day of misery, make sure you buy the right density pillow for your preferred sleeping position. If the proper density is chosen, you will never have to worry about that dreaded neck pain again. Your pillow will become your cloud of comfort.

If you have never shopped for a pillow before, it can be extremely overwhelming when three different densities are sprung your way. How do you know when itโ€™s appropriate to buy an extra-soft down pillow rather than a firm-density pillow?

There are three different densities of pillows, and choosing the right density depends on the position in which you sleep.

  • Soft-density โ€“ stomach and back sleepers and anyone with a serious neck injury
  • Medium-density โ€“ back sleepers
  • Firm-density โ€“ side sleepers

Soft-Density Pillows

Soft washingย pillows are crafted for the 25% of people who are stomach (face) sleepers, some back sleepers, and anyone with a serious neck injury. Soft down pillows are recommended for this group for two reasons: for maximum head, neck, and spine alignment, and so the breathing area is not obstructed by the pillows material. Based on its popularity and feedback, people in this group typically prefer the extra-soft down pillow. The extra-soft down pillow is available as a white duck down pillow with blue-stripe fabric, and as a white goose down pillow with solid-white fabric. Both are basic, soft-density, white down pillows with a similar feel, but both equally satisfy customer preferences.

Medium-Density Pillows โ€“ for the Back Sleeper

The next type of pillow is a medium-density pillow, and itโ€™s designed for the 25% of people who are back sleepers. Less support is needed when sleeping on your back, so if your pillow is too firm, then your head is placed too forward and you would wake up the next sore and most likely grumpy.

Firm-Density Pillows โ€“ for the Side Sleeper

The firm-density pillow is designed for the 50% of people who sleep on their side and need the proper support between their head, shoulders, and neck. It is generally thought the larger the pillow size the more room the filling has to move, meaning there is less concentrated support. It is recommended that if you want one that has a firm density that you buy a jumbo size because it is one of the smaller, firm-density pillows.

Regardless of which pillow density you choose, you can find additional comfort in knowing that down and down-alternative pillows come with additional benefits:

  • They surround your head in luxury and comfort.
  • They maintain their loftiness and softness for a long time.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are easy to care for (machine washable and dryable unless they contain silk or rayon fabrics).

We recommend you check the tags on your pillow before throwing them in the wash. We also recommend that you protect your pillows with pillow protectors to prevent stains from dirt, makeup, and/or skin oils. Pillow protectors can be washed regularly while pillows can be washed a couple times a year.


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