What Services do Business Telecoms Offer to Their Customers?

The business telecom companies nowadays are offering complete solutions in the form of various products and services to meet the on-going and changing communication needs of their customers. There are numerous telecom service providers that offer a range of upgraded equipments ranging from purchasing to repairing of a phone set; they also provide a voice-mail system, wireless or blue tooth handsets and many others. These companies also provide after-sales customer care services by responding to the queries and complaints of their customers. Moreover, responding to the data and voice problems is also the responsibility of the telecom companies.

With the entry of a large number of business poly headset supplier dubai telecom companies, as a competitive move, they have started offering a wide range of products and services. The three major areas that these business telecoms are focusing on are: voice and data cabling, phone equipment, and PC networking. These services include:

1. Business telecom companies offer economical installation of new landlines. These landlines are now offered along with a bundle of packages to make the promotional offers more tempting.

2. They offer a variety of economical phone bundle packages that helps save the customers hundreds of dollars. The phone bundle packages offer the lowest international and national call rates.

3. The companies have started offering a bundle of broadband and telephony at amazing rates, in addition to offering various free minutes as well as free installation or zero modem fees.

4. Telecom companies also offer supply of ISDN lines with the incentive of a free connection.

5. Keeping in view the necessities of the business practices of today, the business telecom provides desk phones, computers, pocket PCs, laptops and a variety of other innovative technological items to meet the office requirements.

6. The business telecoms are now offering services that provide instant access to the internet. Phones with easy internet access and data capability (i.e. web-enabled) are the latest offerings by these companies.

7. Voice stream services are also offered by these companies. Unified communicator or messaging is also one of the newest services offered that allow the customers to have the power over their calls. Unified messaging is one the greatest selling product of today. It allows access to your electronic, voice mail and fax through a common computer application.

8. IP Telephony is one of the greatest beneficial services offered. This telephony offers the advantage of reduced costs and increases the effectiveness of the communication by eliminating the long distance calls made via different paths. IP telephony enables people to get simultaneous access to information and data from their desktops, laptops and PDAs to discuss and share it together. There is no sophistication involved in this system, which makes it more popular.



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