Vacation Rentals – Great Accommodations at Bargain Prices

It may be hard to believe, but you can enjoy a vacation at Disney World in Florida and stay in plush accommodations at bargain prices. You don’t have to win a lottery or contest to get the discount accommodations, either. The secret to it can be expressed in three words “Disney Vacation Rentals.” These are three to seven bedroom homes located within 15 minutes of Disney World that vacationers can rent a on a daily or weekly basis. In case you are not familiar with Florida vacation option, then let me walk you through it.

First of all, all the homes that are available for rent are fully equipped. They are fully furnished and the kitchens are ready for you to use. All of the homes have private or community swimming pools and some also have spas and game-rooms. Other amenities include air conditioning and heating, home entertainment systems, wireless Internet, big screen TVs and more.

The homes are located in resort communities that are within 15 minutes of Disney World, and some of them are as close as a five minute drive to Disney World. The homes are not only conveniently located close to the theme parks, they are also well served by nearby restaurants and shopping plazas. The convenient location combined with great amenities makes for a winning combination in medewerkers tevredenheidsonderzoek and comfort, but this is just the beginning.

The greatest benefit of the Disney Vacation Rentals is the amount of space that you get. Instead of cramming into one or two hotel rooms you can stretch out in a spacious home with three or more bedrooms. Your children can have their own bedrooms and can sleep soundly and everyone can have the space that they need to be relaxed and comfortable.

Did I say that the large amount of space that you get is the greatest advantage of staying in a Disney Vacation Rental? Well, I could be wrong because you may consider the amazing rentals prices to be the biggest attraction of the vacation rentals. Let’s take an example. Suppose you are traveling with your family and even a few friends. You could opt for a four bedroom, two bath rental. You can get it within a price range of per night. That’s right you get a large, fully equipped luxury home for the price of one room at a hotel! The variation in price depends on the time of year that you book your stay. The holiday periods of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year are the peak periods and the prices are a bit higher then.


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