Promoting Music Online – Getting Started With Social Media

First and foremost, one of the first things you should be doing in promoting your music online is making your music accessible and developing an online presence. That way people will start to know that you exist. Whether they hear your music or not is another matter. But as long as it’s available, should someone make a recommendation, they can easily find your work. Then you can focus your attention on promoting it.

A great way of doing this is by signing up for a profile page on another site, such as a social media site, where you can add samples of your music for people to listen to online. Even those social networking sites that don’t allow music uploads will prove to be useful.

Signing up with social networking sites such as MySpace or SoundClick is great for Nigeria Music Upload Website making a connection with new potential fans but large sites such as this often follow trends. They can end up becoming so huge and popular with spammers who want to take advantage of what can be gained from such exposure that people stop using it and it quickly becomes a thing of the past with mostly spammers remaining.

Try to stay ahead of the game and sign up for accounts on numerous different social media sites so that should the site go down you haven’t lost all of your hard work. Not only that but this way you can also see which sites are working best for you and focus your time and attention on these.

Network with as many related people as possible. By ‘related’ I mean people that are within the same or similar industry to you. Labels, A&R, musicians, bands, local fans of that genre and so on. Make yourself known to the people that matter. Don’t just add anyone as a friend. It’s unlikely they’ll be of much help and if you’re pushing your music to them they most likely won’t be interested. Concentrate on the contacts and fans that have some kind of interest in what you do as they are most likely to actually ‘listen’ to your music and messages. Blind marketing just won’t work well.

So those are some of the basics to promoting your music online using social media sites. They are the basic – but also fundamental – steps that you will need to take if you are to start promoting your work effectively. Now your music is online you can begin working on promoting it in other ways and get your music heard more by the online mass of ears and fight through the online mass of competition.



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