PlayStation Game Baddies

Do you already know the baddies before you play the game. In some games it’s easy. In any world war 2 game you know you have to shoot the men with skulls on their hats. Here are a couple of game baddies from Pokemon TCG games.

Killzone. Helghast. The Helghast lack individuality and appear to be acting as cold co-ordinated machines, rather than humans. The only way to deal with them is to kill or be killed.

Silent hill. Nurses. Zombies lack the ability to reason so can be killed without guilt or shame. The fact that she is a nurse means that by attacking you, she is acting out of role. Again kill or be killed.

When you check reviews of average games you will see some reference to anonymously bland bad guys, hobbling around looking imposing. They all make us feel uncomfortable but beating them so satisfying.

Star wars have the deadly stormtroopers but in the game Star wars the force unleashed their are 30 new enemies to test the super powers of the apprentice. The old school storm troopers can not cut it in this game.

So unless you are just into brain training or some kind of hippy, the chances are you have encountered hundreds of enemies. Another great enemy is the enormous leviathan boss in Resistance 2. It chases ant like troops and swats choppers out of the sky.

You just have to love the enemy as well as the hero. In some games you can play either. Enjoy your gaming.

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