Natural Cure For Depression – Is There One?

As prescription drug pricing continues to climb more and more people are seeking alternative means to treating their depression. Perhaps the most popular of these alternative methods is a natural cure for depression. These include nonchemical treatments and do not require a trip to the doctor.

As you go about researching natural alternatives one you will come across again and again is St John’s Wort. This is an herb that naturally grows in several subtropical climates around the globe. Although not as popular in the United States doctors in Europe have been using the herb to treat depression for years. In clinical studies patients taking St John’s Wort showed superior results to those taking placebos and suffered a much smaller amount of side effects. St John’s Wort has shown positive results in the treatment of both mild depression all the way up to severe depression. The herb can be found on store shelves for roughly $5 a bottle. As far as side effects go How Does Grief Counselling Work the most common were gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, confusion, tiredness, and sedation. In uncommon cases some hair loss was reported. In very rare cases patients developed photosensitivity which has in turn led to damage of the eye.

Another all natural cure for depression is simply a change in lifestyle. This is absolutely free and takes little more than willpower. Scientific studies have shown strong links between poor diet and lack of exercise with depression. If you were to stop and think about the amount of exercise you get in the average week chances are your answer would be very little to none at all. I know for many people going for a walk refers to the walk to the mailbox or worse yet the car. The world has become a place for overweight lazy people. We spend fortunes on gadgets meant to simplify our lives but in reality we are abusing our bodies. We do not get the nutrients our bodies need to perform at peak performance and to complicate matters we do not get the exercise needed to keep our bodies strong. By adding a regimen of Omega3 fatty acids to your diet you would go a long way toward treating or preventing depression. Omega3 fatty acids can be found in both fish and hemp seed oil. Exercise is a great stress reliever and helps us to stay healthy not only physically but mentally. Adding a short workout routine to your weekly activities will keep you running at peak efficiency and could by the difference between suffering from depression and overcoming it.

Of course before starting any type of exercise program it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor and not to overdo it. If you are used to spending five hours a night on the sofa I wouldn’t recommend hopping up for a five mile job right away. Start slow and build your way up. These depression treatment methods cost little to no money so the greatest part is they can work for anyone.


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