Marketing Used Cars to Women: Utilizing Social Media Marketing Tools

Marketing used cars to women capitalizes on a unique problem: How do used car dealerships create appealing marketing campaigns targeting women? To address this question used car dealerships need to ask the following questions:

路 Which used cars appeal to women?

路 How do we utilize the power of Social Media Marketing to create innovative campaigns that would appeal to women?

Used Car Dealers first need to honestly ask buy instagram followers themselves that question and since I already work at a Used Car Dealership and after input from conversations with our salespeople here is a short list of used cars that appeal to women:

Used Cars that appeal to women

路 Volkswagen Jetta

路 Volkswagen New Beetle

路 Mercedes ML Series

路 Mercedes CLK Series

路 Mercedes SLK Series

路 Mini Cooper

路 Ford Mustang

路 Honda Civic

路 Nissan Versa

路 Nissan Altima

路 Honda Accord

路 Acura TSX

路 Ford Escape

路 Mercedes C-Class

路 BMW 3 Series

路 Jeep Liberty

路 Toyota Corolla

路 Scion TC

路 Cadillac CTS

路 Honda FIT

路 KIA Sol

路 Range Rovers LR3

Now that we have our list, let’s move to the answer the second question: How do we utilize the power of Social Media Marketing to create innovative campaigns that would appeal to women? As a marketer, this question can be fun to answer. Ask yourself the question: Which social media sites appeal to women? Here’s my short list:

路 Pinterest

路 Facebook

路 Twitter

路 Instagram

路 Yelp

This list is short and to the point. Now, lets answer the original second question: How do we utilize the power of Social Media Marketing to create innovative campaigns that would appeal to women? Answer: Create a Pinterest Test Campaign. I’ve been uploading images of cars, according to my coworkers and sales people, are cars women like. Those pics then have links back to their corresponding site page for those vehicles.

Twitter Marketing Experiment – Inbound Marketing – More than 50% of Twitter users are women – Opportunity

Utilizing Twitter for Used Car Marketing presents a unique challenge. I’ve completed two Twitter Test “Blast”, if you will and success on this particular social media medium. With Twitter’s 140-character limit, this presents a unique challenge and I have some marketing campaign development questions:

  • With 140 a character limit, what’s the best messaging that would appeal to women that are in the market for a used car purchase?
  • What Hashtags could I use?
  • What keywords should I include in the tweet?

These are all valid and interesting questions and before I try to answer them based off my personal experience, with these two experiments this is what I’ve learned. Remember, Twitter is a conversation and you want to be useful. Don’t just tweet things that have no relevance. Using Hashtags allows you to target an audience or target a subject. Be specific and eliminate unnecessary wording. And by all means: Don’t engage in Push Marketing. A simple tweet about a used car for sale and a link to a pic doesn’t work on Twitter. I know my account was hacked and I had to change the password. Lesson learned.

Used Car Dealerships need to take the time to develop thoughtful Twitter campaigns. The campaigns need to cater to women’s negative car purchasing experiences. This is an approach that I have want to try, by empathizing with women’s negative experiences at car dealerships and building an ongoing conversation: trust can be built over time. And insights can be learned. I want to take some time in creating a thoughtful Twitter Campaign.

Instagram Marketing Experiment

I created two Instagram Experimental Campaigns with mixed results. I used great images of cars I feel that appeal to women. Then I marked the images with metadata – keywords, links, etc. and dropped them into Dropbox for transfer to my tablet to utilize them with Instagram. I used hashtags for certain vehicles and this got responses on some vehicles. The great thing about Instagram is that you can utilize the filters to give the pics different “qualities” and make certain cars look “dated” for example. Instagram has a lot of potential. This is something I’m doing quick and easy on a weekly basis.


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