Importance of Geotechnical Assessment

Geotechnical Assessment is a fundamental requirement for the design of a mine support system. A good, solid understanding of the Geotechnical Assessment of an Open Cut Mine Design in tropical countries can be the difference between an effective or challenging mine as it grapples with potential project delays and reduced cost savings, especially when you do not have a full understanding of the geotechnical aspects needed to design and run an open pit mine.

The expansion of open cut mine designs in pit coal mines, nickel mines and other mines such as tin, copper and gold have been playing important role in contributing to the high demand for coal and metals. The key success of these operations geotechnical report nz would never have been achieved without the role of geotechnical engineers who have always been concerned with the slope stability both in the active and non active areas within the open cut mine design and pit mine operations.

A comprehensive geotechnical assessment would focus on the following:
โ€ข rock engineering in open pit mines and slope stability
โ€ข intact rock and rock mass characterizations
โ€ข effects of erosion and weathering to the deterioration of rock properties
โ€ข analysis on slope stability, design and modelling
โ€ข slope monitoring to ensure the slope will always be stable in the course of open pit operations
โ€ข safety practices in areas adjacent to active slopes.

The geotechnical assessment is primarily examined by a group of geotechnical engineering consultants and professionals who have the knowledge in geotechnical engineering.

Geotechnical Engineering Companies handle concerns in the field of highly specialized geotechnical works. In regards to problematic or challenging projects, these companies have experienced technical staff made up of engineers and geologists that develop analysis and calculate the stability of rock masses. Both active and passive measures are taken in order to prevent loose and falling rock masses: metallic nets both simple and reinforced, wire rope panels, wire rope wrappings, precise nailing, bar and rod ties, rock fall barriers.

Operating in a field that is both complex and delicate, nothing can be left to chance. Only highly qualified geotechnical engineering companies with their expertise and specialization and great care of human resources guarantee professionalism and safety. For this reason Teico Overseas has concentrated on the quality of its employees. They should always operate with the global standard safety systems.

Site Investigations include the evaluation of risk to the environment, property and humans from natural hazards such as rock falls, debris flows, soil liquefaction, sinkholes, earthquakes and landslides. Geotechnical engineering companies then determine and design the type of earthworks, foundations, and/or pavement sub-grades required for the intended works.



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