5 Great Places For Used Catering Equipment

n addition, in conducting catering services, catering business owners, especially the starters, do not necessarily need to use brand-new equipment. They have the option of renting used catering equipment to budget their money sensibly.

Moreover, catering business owners should vividly research for the best rental business companies to ensure quality services. Here are the five great places where catering business owners can rent used equipment for their catering business.

1. Silver Chef

Silver Chef has been providing freedom, flexibility, and options by supporting their restaurant equipment needs for over two decades. It is a public company, listed on the Australian Exchange in May 2005. Its national dealer network provides quality services worldwide. In addition, their Rent-Try-Buy Solution allows catering business owners to rent commercial catering equipment at a minimum of 12 months and they have the option to purchase the rented equipments with 75% rental refund.

2. Raphael’s Party Rentals

Raphael’s Party Rentals is the leading locally-owned and operated party rental company in Southern California with two locations. It is a full Hot Springs Party service rental company with over twenty-five years experience in the industry. They deliver high-quality catering rental items on time with their large fleet of trucks and professional drivers. In addition, the company is not the lowest-priced rental business; however, it provides excellent services to clients.

3. Kirby Rentals, LLC

Kirby Rentals, LLC has the finest quality rental items and service nationwide since 1946. It offers reliable rental service with the capacity to deliver the widest selection of tent equipment, linens, and catering needs to complement any special event. Its mission is to introduce bold new concepts in tent design, creative linen options, and quality catering supplies to every potential customer.

4. Rental World

Rental World has been serving peoples rental needs for 37 years. The company offers great services, quality equipment, and satisfaction to clients. Also, it has cost-effective rental fee for a wide variety of choices from buffet accessories to catering equipment supplies.

5. TGIF Party Rentals

TGIF Party Rentals is the world’s leading full-service event rental company.

It is focuses on providing everything the people need from tents to tabletops. The company has a nationwide network of specialists. In addition, the company’s dedicated team is readily available for 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency cases only.

Furthermore, renting used catering equipment is practical alternative for people especially for those who are still starting their catering business. They should keep in mind that it places a large financial burden for them to buy new catering equipment. As discussed earlier, these five great places for catering equipment rental services definitely provides great and quality services for entrepreneurs.


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